/all you need is love is a lie//

I was watching Across the Universe the other night. I was alone I had beer. The Beatles suck. (cue the “what the actual fuck do you mean, do you not know real music? do you not understand LIFE?! oh where is my hairbrush??)

The movie also kind of sucked, but not the whole time. As a woman, the loneliness love story aspect got me. The Beatles don’t suck in the sense that they made bad music- quite the contrary. Some of it is incredible. (ex. Yesterday) it almost pisses you off that those words were assembled so well and cast out into the world. they made some kind of real difference, they really stood for something. They meant something to a shit ton of people and then these assholes started to seriously lose sight of good music. they wrote (and someone produced) some unbelievably ridiculous, impossible-to-interpret-unless-you-were-doing-the-same-drugs bs.

I’ve had caused too many breakups to list here. It’d be embarrassing to admit to/make a list.

But I’ve only ever had one heartbreak. The kind that tears you from the inside out the kind that’s too heavy to talk about (anymore), and leaves all this residual, extracurricular bullshit to put up with. The kind where there’s a child involved and one of the grownups isn’t grown up enough to stick around. And all the sad songs I have ever heard never really put it into perspective or was remotely relatable, because it was such a terrible experience that somehow I thought no one understood. But everyone understands on some level. (“Somebody’s heart is broken. It becomes your favorite song”)

You know who else sucks, and I listen to religiously anyway? John Mayer. I mean he is just, awful. Except for that one time.

“And it stings when it’s nobody’s fault ’cause there’s nothing to blame; at the drop of your name it’s only the air you took, and the breath you left.”

-split screen sadness/ john mayer


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